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Accounts Outsourcing

We at Fiscal Consultants have all kind of accounting services under one roof. Our experts with years of experience in the field bring you all expertise that your business need

Preparation of Financial Statements

Financial Statements are prepared annually and periodically by gathering information from your accounting journal and your general ledger to help you make a better forecast of your future

Bookkeeping Services

Streamlined bookkeeping services are offered to help our clients to enjoy accurate and timely recording of business transactions with care

Payroll Services

Save your time by outsourcing monthly employee remuneration, Medical reimbursements, EOBI payments, Provident Fund management

Accounts Receivable Management

Receivable reporting, Debtor ageing, Followup with debtors for payments by utilizing world class system and techniques

Accounts Payable Management

We can help you with Payable management, negotiating payable terms, Invoice processing with industry’s best practices.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow forecasts are prepared in order to help you and your business so you can make better strategic decisions on the basis of our efficient cash flow management advisory. We will help you predict how much money your require to execute your business plans.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Our team of professionals will help optimize your business budget while preparing you for future expenditures based on both predicted and unexpected circumstances to help you achieve the company’s overall goals and objectives.

Inventory Management

​It begins with us listening to you. A successful inventory doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, open communication and constant adjustment through our professional team which will prevent stock-outs and improve supply efficiency.

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